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AFU Institutional Partners in Massachusetts

  • Lasell University
  • University of Massachusetts five-campus university system
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • University of Massachusetts, Boston
    • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
    • University of Massachusetts, Lowell
    • University of Massachusetts, Medical School
  • William James College

AFU Global Partners and How to Join the Network


AGHE AFU Webinar Series

Supported through a grant from the Retirement Research Foundation to AGHE for the Founders 3.0 Project

  • Joann M. Montepare and Kimberly S. Farah (Lasell College)

    • One Vision, Many Paths: Making an Age-Friendly University Work for You
  • Carrie Andreoletti and Andrea June (Central Connecticut State University)

    • A Starting Point for Looking at Age-Friendliness on My Campus: AGHE Can Help
  • Nina M. Silverstein (University of Massachusetts, Boston) and Marilyn Gugliucci (University of New England)

  • AFU Overview and Webinar Information

AFU Special Issue