About MGA

a Statewide Organization Advancing the Field of Aging


Welcome to the official website of the Massachusetts Gerontology Association. The mission of MGA is to convene researchers, educators, practitioners, and public policy makers in Massachusetts to create dialogue on critical issues related to aging and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from academic research to day-to-day practice.


The Association (MGA) was founded in 1974 by a group of gerontologists headed by the late Professor Louis Lowy of Boston University. These charter members emphasized the need for an ongoing exchange of information and practice within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MGA focuses on promoting dialogue between researchers and practitioners and has a special interest in relating gerontological knowledge to policy making.

The Massachusetts Gerontology Association has become a leading organization for professionals in the field of aging. Our membership includes individuals and organizations from a wide range of disciplines including social work, education, public health, nursing/medicine, housing/architecture and many others.


MGA Officers and Executive Committee:

President: Kathy Burnes (Jewish Family & Children’s Service)
Past President: Emily Williams (Bridgewater Council on Aging)
Treasurer: Lisa Gurgone (Mass Home Care)
Secretary and Communications Liaison: Joann Montepare (Lasell University)


Arnaa Alcon (Bridgewater State University)
Alison Freeman (City of Boston, Age Strong Commission)
Reeve Goldhaber (Boston University)
Joan Hyde (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Bronwyn Keefe (Boston University)
Maureen Power (Worcester State University)
Patty Sullivan (MA Councils on Aging)
Katherine King (William James College)






Dear MGA Members and Colleagues,

The transitions and changes triggered by the pandemic have been unlike anything we’ve known before.  Those of us in the field(s) of aging understand too well the unfortunate risk and burden on older adults and their care partners of this insidious pandemic.  MGA supports and commends our colleagues, many of whom have received no recognition, let alone appropriate equipment and supplies, for their tireless work during this time.


Amid the fear and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, the pain of racial injustice again came to our nation’s collective attention. The recording of George Floyd’s killing has galvanized a multiracial protest movement and led many into both action and self-reflection. We also know that the pandemic itself has been having a disproportionate impact on our Black and Brown communities.

So many are asking, “What can we do?” That is where the rubber meets the road for all of us.  What will we do?  I know, for MGA, a small volunteer run organization, we have talked about ways we can diversify our board and attract members who represent a range of demographics and interest areas.

We at MGA are continuing our commitment to better represent the diversity of Massachusetts in our membership and leadership.  For this to happen we must focus on building new relationships with people of color and their organizations.  It is through relationships that are able to deepen that we can work together on a shared commitment to advancing the prospects of all older adults. 

On a personal and professional level, the direction forward for all of us on the MGA board is continued learning and a conscious effort to look for ways we can broaden our experiences and associations, step out of our comfort zones, and practice new ways of thinking and acting.  Change and growth will inevitably involve discomfort. Resources I’ve found helpful in the journey are: 
A Detailed List of Anti-Racism Resources
, Supporting Racial Justice and Diverse Elders Coalition.

Just prior to COVID-19, MGA launched a new membership model and was beginning to work on connecting the work of aging to a range of fields. We look forward to the time when we can, again, focus on the value proposition that MGA can offer for people who work on improving the experience of aging.  For that work to be fruitful and rich, we must focus on reaching out to include the voices and contributions of people of color.

Please be in touch to share your ideas.

Kathy Burnes
MGA Board President




Annual Forum on aging has been pOSTPONED

In response to the coronavirus situation and public health guidelines set at the local, state, and federal level, MGA has decided to postpone our Annual Forum on Aging.


We look forward to rescheduling the Forum in 2020 and will keep you posted as our plans take shape.